The WLF holds a major pay-per-view event once every two months.

WLF Independence DayEdit

July 4, 2011 at the Robert F Kennedy Stadium, Washington DC
WLF Independence Day

WLF Independence Day


  • The first ever WLF pay-per-view event kicked off with Bon Jovi performing his hit songs "Wanted Dead or Alive" and "Living on a Prayer" followed by a rendition of "America the Beautiful".
  • WLF President Gordon Gekko escorted the President of the United States, Barrack Obama, to a custom-made podium in the arena to address the live audience.The two presidents adjourned to the skybox to watch the rest of the show.
  • The Road Warriors won a 20-Team Open Invitational Battle Royal to be crowned the first ever WLF Tag-Team Champions, last eliminating the Masked Superstars. The battle royal also featured the Twin Towers, Edge & Christian, the Rockers, the British Bulldogs, the Beverly Brothers, the Islanders, the Fabulous Rougeaus, Men On a Mission, the Steiner Brothers, the Midnight Express, the Orient Express, the Killer Bees, the Blackjacks, the Bushwhackers, Demolition, East & West Connection, Dr Death Steve Williams & Bamm Bamm Terry Gordy. Power & Glory, who were supposed to be in the battle royal, were found unconscious in the locker room midway through the match.
  • A vignette was shown warning the WLF about the arrival of Terror Inc.
  • Ted Arcidi defeated Sycho Sid via pinfall in a Powerbomb versus Powerbomb match.
  • Mr America defeated Andre the Giant in a USA versus Europe Flag Match when Mr America retrieved the flag. Mr America had the Texas Tornado in his corner, while Andre had Roddy Piper.
  • The program was interrupted by a mysterious vignette featuring a man in a Guy Fawkes mask.
  • Bryan Davidson defeated Ravishing Rick Rude via pinfall in a special stipulations match. The special stipulation was that neither man can hit the other in the face.
  • Mr Perfect defeated Razor Ramon and the Ultimate Warrior in a Triple Threat Ladder Match to be named the number one contender to the WLF Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Bryan Davidson voiced dissatisfaction for being excluded from the match.
  • Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase was declared the winner in the Hell In A Cell tag-team match against the Hart Brothers, Bret and Owen. DiBiase had a mystery partner going into the match. The mystery partner turned out to be Bret himself, who betrayed his own brother. The Hitman even went as far as attacking his own father in the cell.
  • Macho Man Randy Savage defeated the Time Bomb Brian Pillman via pinfall in the tournament finale to be crowned the first ever WLF Heavyweight Champion. This was a Three Stages of Hell match. Pillman took the first fall, which was a Dog Collar Match. The second, a Falls Count Anywhere Match, went to Savage. The third was a regular singles match which saw the Macho Man take home the gold.

WLF Summer Slam 2011Edit

August 22, 2011 at the American Airlines Center, Miami FLEdit

WLF Summer Slam 2011

WLF Summer Slam 2011

  • Bryan Davidson made a surprise return to the WLF and continued his tirade against the WLF management. Davidson was interrupted by a video of the man in the Guy Fawkes mask known as V. V finally revealed himself to be Jake the Snake Roberts. Davidson had earlier instructed bodyguard Sycho Sid to powerbomb Roberts onto Damian and hence, killing his pet python. Now Roberts was back and all he wanted was vengeance.
  • Bryan Davidson defeated Jake Roberts via countout after outside interference from Sid. After the match, Roberts gained a measure of retribution with the DDT and allowed his new pet LeViathan to slither all over his fallen foe.
  • Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen defeated the British Bulldogs, the Masked Russians and the New Age Outlaws in a Four Way Elimination Match, last eliminating the Bulldogs to become the WLF Tag-Team Champions. Camp Cornette's postmatch celebration was abruptly interrupted when they were chased away from the ring by the debuting APA.
  • A vignette is shown to promote the coming of The Pharaoh.
  • Ted Arcidi defeated Scott Steiner in a Strap Match.
  • The Dudes (Diesel, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) defeated Terror Inc (Ov Terror, Edge and Christian) in a Miami Beach Brawl when Diesel pinned Edge. After the match, the Dudes joined their friends Poison and rocked it with the live audience.
  • Natalya Belaya defeated Chyna, Maryse, Krystal Aos and Nasty Girl in a 20-Minute Championship Scramble to become the first ever WLF Women's Champion.
  • Super Patriot defeated Diamond Dallas Page via pinfall in their WLF debut match.
  • PIPER'S PIT: Jim Cornette introduced Stunning Steve Austin as the latest addition to his stabel. Austin made immediate impact by attacking Roddy Piper.
  • Sting defeated Sycho Sid in a Best of Three Falls Match. After the match, Sid attacked Sting and powerbombed him on the concrete floor, resulting in a serious injury for the Stinger.
  • Brian Pillman defeated Larry Zbyszko, Jose DeJesus, Andrew Darner, Razor Ramon and Great Muta in a Six Way Ladder Match to be crowned the first ever WLF Intercontinental Champion. Pillman had been missing since losing the Three Stages of Hell to the Macho Man Randy Savage at WLF Independence Day.
  • Andre the Giant defeated The Undertaker in a Casket Match after outside interference from Ted DiBiase and the Great Muta. After the match, Muta set the casket on fire. When the lid was opened later, the casket was empty and an all too familiar gong was heard.
  • MAIN EVENT #1: Owen Hart defeated Bret Hart in a Towel Match. This match was not short on controversy. When Owen locked Bret in a Crossfaced Chicken Wing, the Hitman motioned for Jim Neidhart to throw in the towel. Unfortunately, the referee had been knocked down only minutes prior. Owen, thinking he had won, loosened his grip and allowed Bret to capitalize with a Crippler Crossface. Thinking fast, Neidhart attacked Davey Boy Smith and took his towel. When the referee recovered, he spotted Owen in the submission hold and Neidhart still holding a towel, and made the assumption that Davey Boy had thrown in his towel. The referee awarded the match to Bret, but the decision was subsequently reversed by head booker Pat Patterson. By winning the match, Owen also won back the title deed to the Hart Mansion which Bret had earlier sold to Ted DiBiase. 
  • MAIN EVENT #2: Mr Perfect defeated the Macho Man Randy Savage via disqualification. Under the rules, a title could only change hands either via pinfall or submission. As a result, despite the loss, Savage still remained as the WLF Heavyweight Champion.

WLF Halloween Havoc 2011Edit

October 24, 2011 at Death Valley, Clemson CAEdit

WLF Halloween Havoc

WLF Halloween Havoc

  • Fans showed up for the event in full halloween get-ups.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts defeated the Phantom, who was really Bryan Davidson behind a transparent plastic mask, via pinfall in a Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match.
  • The Masked Russians defeated the Rockers in a Falls Count Anywhere match when Masked Russian #2 pinned Marty Jannetty.
  • The Rock defeated King Haku in a Samoan Strap Match. The Rock was originally scheduled to face The Pharaoh, but the latter handpicked King Haku to wrestle in his stead.
  • Natalya Belaya defeated Nasty Girl via pinfall in a Lumberjill Match to successfully retain the WLF Women's Championship. The contestants, alongside the lumberjills, were fully dressed in Halloween gear. After the match, the identity of the mystery assailant was finally revealed when Sunny introduced Bull Nakano as the latest diva to join the WLF. Nakano proceeded to destroy the already exhausted Natalya as Sunny counted one-two-three and absconded with the title belt.
  • Kurt Angle defeated Super Patriot in a Liberty's Last Stand match when the Olympic gold medalist repeatedly smashes Patriot's leg with a steel chair and refused to let go of the Angle Lock.
  • Demolition Express defeated the Road Warriors, the Twin Towers and the APA in a Fatal Four Way TLC Match when Darner pinned Animal to be crowned new WLF Tag-Team Champions.
  • Mr Perfect defeated Rowdy Roddy Piper via pinfall in an I'm A Slave 4 You match with some outside assistance from Bobby the Brain Heenan. As a result of the loss, Piper must serve as Perfect's slave for a period of 30-days.
  • The Ultimate Warrior and the Texas Tornado defeated Money Inc in a steel cage match.
  • Jose DeJesus defeated Owen Hart and Larry Zbyszko in a triple threat match when he pinned Owen to successfully retain the WLF Intercontinental Championship. After the match, Zbyszko attacked Owen and complained about it not being a regular wrestling match.
  • The Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho in the first ever Buried Alive match.
  • MAIN EVENT: The Four Horsemen defeated Team WLF in the War Games. Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard and Ted Arcidi entered the match with their fourth member and leader of the Four Horsemen left unannounced. The WLF was being represented by reigning WLF Heavyweight Champion the Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Bill Goldberg and Red Rooster. In the end, Steamboat revealed himself to be the mystery fouth member, turning his back on the WLF and abandoning his teammates. Referee Tommy Young stopped the match when all three members of Team WLF were beaten unconscious and awarded the win to the Four Horsemen.

WLF Survivor SeriesEdit

December 5, 2011 at Madison Square Garden, New York City NYEdit

WLF Survivor Series

WLF Survivor Series

  • The show kicked off with Priscilla on Broadway with their rendition of "I Will Survive" followed by the band Europe performing their hit number "The Final Countdown".
  • Jake the Snake Roberts and Owen Hart were the sole survivors in the Wild Card Draw 4x4 classic elimination match. Their team also comprised Marty Jannetty and Hulk Hogan and they were pitted against Irwin R Schyster, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle and Scott Hall.
  • Diesel defeated Kane via pinfall in a Hell In A Cell match.
  • The Pharaoh was the sole survivor in the classic 4x4 elimination match featuring his team of Immortals (King Haku, Nobunaga Oda and Zeus) against Team Smackdown (The Rock, Mankind, Saba Simba and Rocky Johnson)
  • Jose DeJesus defeated Super Patriot via pinfall to successfully retain the WLF Intercontinental Championship.
  • The Masked Russians were the sole survivors in the classic 4x4 elimination match. Edge & Christian made up the rest of their team, while their opponents comprised the British Bulldogs and Demolition Xpress.
  • Mickie James won a Six Pack Challenge by pinning Krystal Aos to be crowned the new WLF Women's Champion. The match also included champion Natalya Belaya, Maryse, Nasty Girl and Bull Nakano.
  • The Twin Towers were the sole survivors in the classic 4x4 elimination match featuring their team the Million Dollar Corporation (with Demolition) against One Warrior Nation (the Ultimate Warrior, the Texas Tornado and the Road Warriors).
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper defeated Mr Perfect in an I Quit Career Ending Match. Despite losing his career in the WLF, Mr Perfect won back his wife and marriage in a rare tear-jerking moment in the WLF.
  • MAIN EVENT #1: The Four Horsemen (Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Tully Blanchard and Ted Arcidi) defeated Team WLF (Red Rooster, Bill Goldberg, Chris Jericho and mystery partner Ted DiBiase) in War Games II when Blanchard and Windham made Jericho submit to a Figure Four-Claw Hold combination.
  • MAIN EVENT #2: The Macho Man Randy Savage defeated The Undertaker via pinfall, after outside interference from Jake the Snake Roberts, to successfully retain the WLF Heavyweight Championship.

WLF Royal RumbleEdit

February 20, 2012 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles CAEdit

WLF Royal Rumble

WLF Royal Rumble

  • In addition to the highly anticipated 30-Man over the top rope battle royale, the Royal Rumble housed a mini-tournament between the Million Dollar Corporation and the Four Horsemen, where the winning faction would not only walk away with bragging rights, but the Million Dollar Championship belt as well.
  • Ricky the Dragon Steamboat defeated Lord Steven Regal via pinfall to pick up the first win for the Four Horsemen in the mini-tournament.
  • Reigning WLF Tag-Team Champions the Masked Russians and the Twin Towers battled to a double disqualification.
  • Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase defeated Ted Arcidi via pinfall to tie it 1-1 in the mini-tournament between the Four Horsemen and the Million Dollar Corporation.
  • Bill Goldberg defeated Super Patriot and Jose DeJesus in a triple threat match to be crowned the new WLF Intercontinental Champion. After the match, former champion DeJesus branded Goldberg with the title belt, claiming that he was still the rightful champion since he wasn't the one pinned.
  • In the third and deciding match of the mini-tournament between the Four Horsemen and the Million Dollar Corporation, Sid Vicious and Bad News Brown defeated Barry Windham and Arn Anderson when Bad News pinned Windham. Anderson had been brought in to substitute for Tully Blanchard, who was injured at the hands of Wade Barrett. As it turned out, Anderson had been paid off by DiBiase and turned on Windham, resulting in a three-on-one disadvantage for the Widowmaker.
  • Mickie James and Natalya Belaya were declared joint winners of the Eight Diva Battle Royal and, as a result, joint WLF Women's Champion. The title had been left vacant after Nasty Girl was injured at the hands of the Colossal Kongs. The match also included Bull Nakano, Kharma, Maryse, Krystal Aos, Kelly Kelly and surprise entrant Chyna.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts defeated The Undertaker and the Macho Man Randy Savage in a triple threat match to be crowned the new WLF Heavyweight Champion.
  • Lord Steven Regal won the 30-Man Royal Rumble, last eliminating Wade Barrett.
1. Ricky Steamboat 16. Owen Hart
2. Marty Jannetty 17. Masked Russian #2
3. Masked Russian #1 18. The Pharaoh
4. Sid Vicious 19. Diesel
5. Andrew Darner 20. Bill Goldberg
6. Red Rooster 21. Lord Steven Regal
7. Dynamite Kid 22. Irwin R Schyster
8. Big Boss Man 23. Mr Roboto
9. Ted Arcidi 24. Shawn Michaels
10. The Rock 25. Super Patriot
11. Jose DeJesus 26. Akeem
12. Major Tom 27. Barry Windham
13. Bad News Brown 28. Danny B
14. Davey Boy Smith 29. Wade Barrett
15. Kane 30. Ted DiBiase
1. Marty Jannetty by Ricky Steamboat
2. Red Rooster by Andrew Darner
3. The Rock by Ted Arcidi
4. Dynamite Kid by Ricky Steamboat
5. Kane by Steamboat, Arcidi, Brown, Sid, DeJesus, Boss Man
6. Masked Russian #1 by Davey Boy Smith
7. Sid Vicious by Diesel
8. Diesel by The Pharaoh
9. Davey Boy Smith by Ricky Steamboat
10. Big Boss Man by Major Tom & Masked Russian #2
10. Masked Russian #2 by Major Tom & Big Boss Man
12. Irwin R Schyster by Owen Hart
13. Andrew Darner by Bad News Brown
14. Ted Arcidi by Bill Goldberg
15. Shawn Michaels by Wade Barrett
16. Bill Goldberg by Jose DeJesus & Super Patriot
16. Super Patriot by Jose DeJesus & Bill Goldberg
18. Mr Roboto by The Pharaoh
19. Major Tom by Akeem & The Pharaoh
19. The Pharaoh by Akeem & Major Tom
21. Akeem by Ricky Steamboat
22. Ricky Steamboat by Ted DiBiase
23. Ted DiBiase by Wade Barrett
24. Owen Hart by Danny B
25. Bad News Brown by Barry Windham
25. Barry Windham by Bad News Brown
27. Danny B by Jose DeJesus
28. Jose DeJesus by Lord Steven Regal
29. Wade Barrett by Lord Steven Regal
Lord Steven Regal won the 30-Man Royal Rumble

WLF WrestlemaniaEdit

April 23, 2012 at the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, New Jersey NJEdit

WLF WrestleMania-0

WLF WrestleMania-0

  • Wrestlemania kicked off with "America the Beautiful" being sung by New Jersey's own Queen Latifah and Bruce Springsteen.
  • Owen Hart won the six man "Money in the Bank" match, defeating the Pharoah (who was carted out by paramedics during the match), Chris Knight, Chris Jericho, Marty Janetty and Cactus Jack.
  • Another announcement comes on screen about the new stable of wrestlers about to make their mark on the WLF. They promise to make their mark on the next Prime Time broadcast.
  • Lord Steven Regal won a Duchess of Queensbury Rules match against Wade Barrett when it was revealed that according to Duchess rules, Barrett had used his finisher illegally, thus earning him a disqualification.
  • The Twin Towers retained their tag team titles against the Masked Russians in a "best out of three falls" contest when Akeem pinned one of the Russians to make it 2-1. At one match a piece, Sunny came out along with the Collosal Kongs, to join the commentary team expressing her desire for her women to get a title shot at the tag team championship. She was about to send her team in to attack the men when Gordon Gekko appeared on the Gekkotron forbidding their interference and that the Kongs would never be eligible to fight in the men's division. Also during the match Wade Barrett came out and at one point assaulted referee Teddy Long.
  • Christopher Knight and Trish Stratus were shown signing autographs for fans in the foyer of the casino.
  • The Undertaker defeated Ted Aricidi in a casket match when his brother Kane turned up and they both double choke slammed Ted into the casket.
  • Lord Alfred Hayes interviewed Wade Barrett about his assault on WLF official Teddy Long during the tag team title match. Wade responded by assaulting Hayes as well.
  • In a 10 man mixed tag team match, Team Extreme Generation (with Kelly Kelly, Demolition Express and the Ring Commanders) defeated Team Old School Coalition (with Sensational Sherri, Demolition and the Powers of Pain) when Kelly Kelly pinned Sensational Sherri.
  • In a match to determine the leader of the Four Horsemen, Barry Windham defeated Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, when the guest referee; Ric Flair declared that Steamboat had submtted to Barry's clawhold. Although Steamboat had not actually submitted.
  • Natalya Belaya defeated Mickie James in a ladder match to become the offical diva's champion. The ending of the match was controversial because Tazz (Natalya's new manager) put a Tazzmission hold on Mickie to prevent her from stopping Natalya getting up the ladder.
  • The Rock became the new Intercontinental champion when he defeated Goldberg, Bad News Brown and the Super Patriot in a Fatal Four Way match. He pinned Bad News Brown to get the victory. Bad News Brown was accompanied to ringside by his nephew - actor Kenan Thompson.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts defeated the Macho Man Randy Savage in a Hell in the Cell match'. After the match, the Macho Man flew into a rage and launched an all out assault on Roberts, brutalising him with elbows from the top rope time and time again. He continued on his assault, shocking the crowds.
  • MAIN EVENT: Both the champion, Ted DiBiase and the challenger Jose DeJesus battled to a draw in a last man standing match, despite much controversy and interference from wrestlers as well as family members and movie stars. Gordon Gekko, however, arrived at ringside and demanded the match continue on until sudden death. DiBiase won the match by raising his shoulder when Jose attempted to pin him, thus pinning Jose instead. 

WLF Word War IIIEdit

July 02, 2012 at the Philips Arena, Atlanta, GAEdit

WLF World War 3

WLF World War 3

  • Owen Hart defeated Sting via pinfall in a match that started out as a Ladder Match for Owen's "Money in the Bank" briefcase.  While both were unconscious during the ladder match, X-Pac came in and stole the breifcase so the match had to be stopped. Pat Patterson came out and demanded that the match continue as a normal wrestling match with the briefcase still at stake. He also demanded that X-Pac return the breifcase on next week's Prime Time.
  • In a best of three falls to determine the number one contender for the WLF Intercontinental championship, Rocco Glenbridge defeated Dangerous Danny B 2-1. The Rock group Metallica, played live, for Rocco Glenbridge’s entrance.
  • The Masked Russians became two time WLF tag team champions when they defeated the Twin Towers and the Brothers of Destruction in a Three-way dance. The Russians took advantage of a distraction to win it when the Big Boss Man tore off the mask of one of the Russians to reveal Nikita Koloff.
  • Jose DeJesus defeated Eddie Guerrero via pinfall in a Luche Libre match.
  • Bad News Brown (now under the name of Stone Cold Allen Coage) successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship in a 20 minute Championship scramble by being the man to have got the last pinfall in the match. The other men involved were The Rock, Super Patriot, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and Cactus Jack. 
The order of Pinfalls were as follows:
  1. Kurt Angle pinned Chris Jericho (eight minutes in)
  2. The Rock pinned Kurt Angle
  3. Super Patriot pinned the Rock
  4. Chris Jericho pinned Kurt Angle (14 minute mark)
  5. Super Patriot pinned both the Rock and Chris Jericho at the same time. (17 minute mark)
  6. Chris Jericho pinned Kurt Angle
  7. Bad News Brown pinned Chris Jericho (30 seconds left)

  • Natalya Belaya successfully defended her woman's title in a triple threat match against Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus when she forced Kelly Kelly to submit to the Tazzmission.
  • MAIN EVENT # 1: Barry Windham defeated Ted DiBiase and Hollywood Hogan in a triple threat match to capture the WLF heavyweight championship. Bret the Hitman Hart was the guest referee.
  • MAIN EVENT # 2: World War III Battle Royale. There were three sets of commentary teams for this match. Two men for each ring: Ring 1: Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon, Ring 2: Lord Alfred Hayes and Sean Mooney, Ring 3: Mean Gene Okerlund and Tony Schiavone.
1. Irwin R Shyster by Ted Arcidi
2. Sycho Sid by Twin Towers
3. Bradshaw by Andre the Giant
4. Farooq by Big Show
5. Bryan Davidson by Goldberg
6. Road Warrior Animal by Kurt Angle
7. Rob Van Dam by Rocco Glenbridge
8. Sabu by Bad News Brown
9. Road Warrior Hawk by Power & Glory
10.  Rick Steiner by the Four Horsemen
11. Scott Steiner by the Four Horsemen
12. Demolition Ax by the Four Horsemen
13. Demolition Smash by the Four Horsemen
14. Cactus Jack by the Four Horsemen
15. Edge by the British Bulldogs
16. Christian by the British Bulldogs
17. Steve Austin by the British Bulldogs
18. Brian Pillman by the British Bulldogs
19. D-Von Dudley by Marty Janetty
20. The Rock by Kurt Angle
21. Dynamite Kid by Andre the Giant
22. Bubba Ray Dudley by Big Boss Man
23. Ultimate Warrior by Goldberg
24. Davey Boy Smith by Big Show
25. Mr Perfect by Rocco Glenbridge
26. Andre the Giant by Masked Russians
27. Owen Hart by X-Pac
28. X-Pac by Bret the Hitman Hart
29. Eddie Guererro by Jose DeJesus
30. Billy Gunn by Kurt Angle
31. Masked Russian 2 by Big Show
32. Masked Russian 1 by Big Show
33. Kane

by Ted Arcidi

34. Lex Luger by Sting
35. Tully Blanchard by Sting
36. Undertaker by Rocco Glenbridge
37. Bad News Brown by Twin Towers
38. Diesel by the Rockers
39. Hercules by Bret the Hitman Hart
40. Brutus Beefcake by Triple H
41. Super Patriot by Triple H
42. Big Show by a whole heap of guys
43. Paul Roma by Jose de Jesus
44. Big Boss Man by Bret Hart and Arn Anderson
45. Marty Janetty by Triple H
46. Goldberg by a whole group of guys
47. Kurt Angle by Bret the Hitman Hart
48. Chris Jericho by Sting
49. Shawn Michaels by Christopher Knight
50. Akeem by Ted Arcidi
51. Christopher Knight by Dangerous Danny B
52. Danny B by Christopher Knight
53. Ted Arcidi by Bret the Hitman Hart
54. Sting by Arn Anderson
55. Arn Anderson by Lord Steven Regal
56. Triple H by Rocco Glenbridge
57. Rocco Glenbridge by Jose DeJesus
58. Lord Steven Regal by Jose DeJesus
59. Jose DeJesus by Bret the Hitman Hart
Winner: Bret the Hitman Hart

WLF Summer Slam 2012Edit

August 27, 2012 at the Arena Stage, Washington DC,Edit

WLF Summer Slam 2012

WLF Summer Slam 2012

  • Summer Slam starts off with NWA broadcasters Jesse the Body Ventura and Jim Ross talking about the upcoming matches on the card.
  • The Moondogs won a 20 team battle royale to capture the WLF Tag Team championship. The champions, the Russians were the last team eliminated.
  • Goldberg won an "all falls count" Intercontinental title match against Rocco Glenbridge, however the referee reversed the decision and disqualified Goldberg, believing he had used the title belt as a weapon against Rocco.
  • PIPER'S PIT: Rowdy Roddy Piper interviewed a new diva; the stunning Booty Girl; Vanessa Dante and her valet AJ Lee.
  • Brock Lesnar made his debut and defeated Big Daddy Cool Diesel via pinfall.
  • Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed manager Gary Hart and talked about his client Chessman. James Vandenberg was also there before and after the interview.
  • In a mixed tag team match to determine the number one contender for the women's title, Dangerous Danny B and Kelly Kelly defeated Christopher Knight and Trish Stratus by disqualification after Knight used a chair as a weapon.
  • In a bizarre backstage segment that didn't make any sense, Pat Patterson was attacked by an unknown assailant. A man pretending to be head of security, Nick Jackson came to investigate and did something which had a strange affect on the mind of Mean Gene Okerlund. James Vandenberg was also on the scene.
  • Raven defeated Chris Jericho in a Bowry Cage match via pinfall. Afterwards there was an explosion inside the cage and Chessman came up through a hole in the ring floor and attacked Raven.
  • WLF woman's champion, Natalya Belaya successfully defended her title in a triple threat match against Nasty Girl and Mickie James when she pinned Nasty Girl.
  • Backstage Pat Patterson was shown being manhandled by a masked man. The man hit Patterson over the head with a sledgehammer. The Masked man revealed himself to be Triple H, angry at Patterson for having suspended him from the WLF.
  • Hollywood Hogan and Mr Perfect wrestled in a lumberjack match. The stipulations were that if Mr Perfect won then Hogan would have to disband the NWO. If Hogan won then Mr Perfect had to retire from wrestling. Hogan won the match via pinfall with an assist by the Macho Man Randy Savage.
  • An interview was shown between Mean Gene Okerlund and Bret the Hitman Hart, recorded after his match on the last episode of Prime Time. Bret Hart expressed his frustrations in not being part of the main event at Summer Slam despite what he had recently accomplished in the WLF. He announced that he was switching his allegiances to the NWA.
  • Bret the Hitman Hart and Lord Steven Regal wrestled to a draw in a 30 minute ultimate submission match, each getting three submissions each before the time limit was reached. WLF president, Gordon Gekko announced that the match would continue until sudden death and any kind of fall would count. In the end it was Bret Hart who came out victorious, forcing Regal to submit to the Sharpshooter.
  • In a "Running the Gauntlet" challenge, Ravishing Rick Rude had to fight and win three matches against Horsemen before finally taking on Barry Windham for the NWA championship. Rude successfully pinned both Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. His third opponent was none other than the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Rude defeated Flair via count out thanks to interference by Harley Race, however he was unsuccessful at defeating Windham and lost via a knock out when Windham put him into a claw hold. Jesse the Body Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary for the match.
  • MAIN EVENT: Jose DeJesus defeated the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and Ted Arcidi in a triple threat match, after pinning Arcidi, to capture the vacant WLF Heavyweight championship. Members of all three member's families were at ringside at various stages throughout the match, including DiBiase's sister, Lil.

WLF Halloween Havoc 2012Edit

October 22, 2012 at the Grand Gardens Arena, Las Vegas, NVEdit

WLF Halloween Havoc 2012

WLF Halloween Havoc 2012

  • Both commentary teams: Bobby Heenan/Gorilla Monsoon (WLF) and Jesse Ventura/Jim Ross (NWA) introduced the pay per view with Ventura commenting on the unprofessionalism of the WLF team.

  • The Dudley Boyz defeated the Three Stooges in a table match when they put Curly through a table thanks to Andre the Giant and the Big Show taking care of Larry and Moe.
  • In an inter-continental championship match, the challenger, Greg the Hammer Valentine (with George Steel in his corner) defeated the champion, Rocco Glenbridge (with Harley Race in his corner) in a “throw in the towel” match to become the new IC champ when Race accidentally dropped the towel in the ring while brawling with George the Animal Steel.
  • Sunny, Richard Lee and Ted DiBIase argued over who will be the new head booker for the WLF when a limousine was seen pulling into the parking lot…
  • In a submissions count anywhere match (determined by the spin of a wheel), Chris Jericho forced Dean Melinko (working for the Four Horsemen) to submit when he dangled him out the top floor window of the arena. Ric Flair also got involved in the match essentially turning it into a handicap match. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided the commentary for the match.
  • In a Triple threat match for the Woman’s title, entitled “A menage a trois”, Booty Girl; Vanessa Dante defeated champion Natalya Belaya and Trish Stratus after she pinned Belaya to capture the WLF woman’s title.
  • Richard Lee and Sunny stormed the office of Gordon Gekko wanting to know who the new head booker was. They discover that the man who had driven into the arena in the limousine was none other than Vince Russo, however Gekkko would not talk to them.
  • Chessman won a 16 man ladder match, beating out Christopher Knight to grab the new X Division championship belt making him the first ever WLF X Division champion. Other men in the match: Marty Jannetty, Triple H, Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Cactus Jack, Tazz, Al Snow, Val Venis, Jeff Hardy, Bam Bam Bigelow, Atsushi Onita, Cibernetico, Kevin Sullivan (working for James Vandenberg), Hayabusa and Shane Douglas. At the beginning of the match another promo came over the Gekko tron for the mysterious silhouetted man. The man was finally revealed as Goldust and he joined Joey Styles and Paul Heyman at the commentary booth for the match. Straight after the match Hulk Hogan came to ringside dressed in yellow and pointed his finger at Christopher Knight the man who usurped his position in the NWO.
  • The Big Boss Man won a Four way elimination match to capture a second WLF Tag team champion for the Twin Towers. Four teams competed including the champions the Moondogs, the Brothers of Destruction and the Russians. The order of eliminations were:

1.    Akeem – counted out

2.    Kane pinned by Vladimir Petrov

3.    Vladimir Petrov by the Moondogs

4.    Both Moondogs at once by the Undertaker

5.    Undertaker pinned by the Big Boss Man with an assist from the Moondogs

6.    Nikita Koloff pinned by the Big Boss Man.  

  • A promo for newcomer James Bond is played on the Gekko Tron. Bonds mission… in an appalling breach of MI6 security… is revealed for everyone watching the PPV.
  • The Wolfpac won the triple threat War Games match when the Ultimate Warrior pinned Brutus the Barber Beefcake. The three teams were: Team Million Dollar Corporation (Lord Steven Regal, Perfect Pyles, Brutus Beefcake), Team Wolfpac: Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Demolition Ax) and Team Horsemen (Ted Aricidi, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard).  After the match a group of men abseiled down from the rafters to the roof of the steel cage to glare down at the men below. They were all men who had been fired from the NWO by Christopher Knight: Kurt Angle, Lex Luger, Stunning Steve Austin and Flyin Bryan Pillman – They Expendables! (Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary for the match.)

  • In a triple threat Hell in the Cell match for the NWA championship, Barry Windham successfully defended his title when he pinned Ravishing Rick Rude.  Also in the match was Bret the Hitman Hart. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary for the match.
  • MAIN EVENT:  Jose DeJesus successfully defended his WLF Heavyweight championship in a six man elimination chamber match.

Order of entry:

1.       Shawn Michaels and Jose DeJesus  

2.       The Rock  

3.       Super Patriot  

4.       Brock Lesnar

5.       Ted DiBiase

Order of elimination:

1.       The Rock by Jose DeJesus

2.       Shawn Michaels  by Super Patriot

3.       Super Patriot by Jose DeJesus

4.       Brock Lesnar by Jose DeJesus

5.       Ted DiBiase by Jose DeJesus      

WLF Survivor Series (2nd annual)Edit

December 3, 2012 at Reunion Arena, Dallas, TXEdit


  • The 2nd annual Survivor Series kicked off with a live performance by Beyonce and then a performance by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and the San Antonio Spurs Silver dancers
  • The opening bout was a 20 man inter sports battle royale featuring former and potential stars of the WLF and basketball players from the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs. The battle royale was won by the Texas Tornado Kerry Von Erich after he eliminated Dusty Rhodes. Actor Chuck Norris was there as the special enforcer for the match.  
  • In a pre-match interview for the Gold & Diamonds vs Team 007 match, the team captain of Gold & Diamonds, Ted DiBiase announced that he would not be wrestling in the match. He revealed a replacement team captain a man who claimed to be the REAL James Bond 007. It was the same cultured man heard on videos prior to Survivor Series surrounding the kidnapping of Q.
  • Team 007 (James Bond #1, Felix Leiter, Curly, Alec Travelyan, the Rock) defeated Team Gold & Diamonds (James Bond #2, Jaws, Renard, Baron Samedi, Odd Job) with James Bond #1 being the sole survivor.

Order of elimination:



Renard and Felix Leiter

Counted out

Baron Samedi

Counted out


pinned by Odd Job

The Rock

pinned by Odd Job

Odd Job pinned by James Bond #1
James Bond #2 destroyed by James Bond #1
Alec Travelyan James Bond #3
In the last part of the match it was revealed that the new James Bond was in fact a robot. After this a THIRD James Bond came to ringside claiming to be the REAL James Bond and took over from the now destroyed robotic Bond #2. Shortly after another robot was revealed, this time Alec Travelyan. The Third Bond saved the first Bond by beheading the robotic Travelyan and revealed facts on Bond’s investigation that cleared Ted DiBiase of any wrong doings. The original James Bond then left the arena via a jet pack.
  • The Fan Favorites (Vanessa Dante, AJ Lee, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Nasty Girl) defeated The Rulebreakers (Natalya Belaya, Trish Stratus, Krystal Aos, Bull Nakano, Kharma) with the Beautiful People: Angelina Love and Velvet Sky being the soul survivors. 
Order of elimination:

Krystal Aos

pinned by Nasty Girl

Bull Nakano


AJ Lee

pinned by Trish Stratus

Nasty Girl

Trish Stratus

pinned by Angelina Love

Natalya Belaya and Vanessa Dante pinned each other
Kharma by Sky and Love

At the beginning of the match Nasty Girl revealed the number of a winning ticket for a date with her. The winner turned out to be celebrity guest Charlie Sheen. Sheen ended up getting in the way of the match action and lost the ticket. The ticket ended up in the possession of Vanessa Dante instead.

  • In a 20 minute championship scramble for the WLF X Championship, Christopher Knight became the new X division champion. (Others in the match:  Chessman (champion),  Goldust, Marty Janetty, Triple H, Rowdy Roddy Piper) Joey Styles, Paul Heyman and CM Punk provided commentary for the match.

Pinfalls made in the match:

Christopher Knight pinned Chessman
Rowdy Roddy Piper after a sleeper hold on Christopher Knight.
Goldust pinned Rowdy Roddy Piper
Christopher Knight pinned Chessman.
  • The Moondogs were the sole survivors of a tag team elimination match.

The Rulebreakers (Twin Towers, Moondogs, Demolition, Steiner Brothers, Dudley Boyz)

The Fan favorites (Brothers of Destruction, The Russians, Road Warriors, Larry and Moe of the Stooges, Edge & Christian)

Actor Charlie Sheen joined the commentary for part of this match.

Order of Elimination:

Steiner Brothers

eliminated by Road Warrior Animal

The Russians

counted out

Edge & Christian

by the Moondogs

Dudley Boyz

by the Undertaker
Demolition and Road Warriors


Brothers of Destruction by Kane
The Twin Towers by Larry of the Stooges
The Stooges by Moondog Spot
  • Greg the Hammer Valentine was the sole survivor in a match between the Million Dollar Corporation (Lord Steven Regal, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Jake the Snake Roberts, Shawn Michaels, Diesel) and the Super Powers (Super Patriot, Greg the Hammer Valentine, Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall, Mr Wonderful)

Before the match, despite protests from Lord Steven Regal, Ted DiBiase decided to remove Brutus the Barber Beefcake and take his place as well as captaincy of Team Million Dollar Corporation.  

Order of Elimination:

Lord Steven Regal

counted out when he abandoned his team in disgust at DiBiase taking over.


pinned by DDP


pinned by Ted DiBiase

Mr Wonderful

pinned by Ted DiBiase
Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels

counted out

Jake the Snake Roberts by Super Patriot
Super Patriot by Ted DiBiase
Ted DiBiase by Greg the Hammer Valentine
  • The first half of a match between George the Animal Steele and Perfect Pyles took place. It was filmed live in a hotel, the winner being the man to unlock Aunty Lil from a cage in the kitchen.
  • The Macho Man Randy Savage was the sole survivor of a match between the NWO Wolfpac (Sting, Ultimate Warrior, X-Pac, Big Show, Andre the Giant) and the Megapowers (Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Junkyard Dog, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Superstar Billy Graham.)

The match at one stage was interrupted by wrestlers from Chikara. After the match the Macho Man had a reunion with his former flame Maryse.

Order of elimination:

Junk Yard Dog

pinned by X-Pac with assist by Jim Cornette

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

by Big Show

Billy Graham

submitted to Sting

Ultimate Warrior

pinned by Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan

pinned by X-Pac

Big Show and Andre the Giant disqualified.
X-Pac pinned by the Macho Man
Sting  by the Macho Man
  • The Aunty Lil’s Kitchen conflict match continued with Perfect Pyles and George Steele now in the sewers underneath the hotel trying to retrieve the key to Aunty Lil’s cage which had been dropped down there. George managed to find the key and return to the kitchen first, however Aunty Lil was no longer in the cage and crept up behind George and knocked him out, which enabled Tucker to win the match.
  • Barry Windham was the sole survivor in a match between The Horsemen (Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ted Arcidi, Ric Flair) and the Expendables (Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Lex Luger, Steve Austin, Brian Pillman) Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary for the match.

Order of elimination: 

Ric Flair

submitted to Lex Luger

Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Steve Austin and Brian Pillman

were disqualified for brawling.

Kurt Angle

pinned by Ted Arcidi

Ted Arcidi

pinned by Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho

pinned by Barry Windham

Lex Luger pinned by Barry Windham

  • MAIN EVENT: Jose DeJesus defeated Brock Lesnar in a “last man standing” match.

WLF Royal Rumble (2nd annual)Edit

February 18, 2013 at Skydome, Toronto, Ontario, CANADAEdit

WLFRoyalRumble2013 zps21043822
  • The Royal Rumble kicked off with Bobby the Brain Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon discussing the card for the event.
  • The Harlem Heat defeated the Colony when Booker T pinned Fire Ant.
  • The “capture the flag” match between Vanessa Dante and Nasty Girl was cancelled when the rest of Nasty Girl’s team did not get there due to one of the team members, Cricketer; Shane Warne causing a problem during the flight and the team was detained. Nasty Girl and Vanessa Dante had a picnic instead.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Intercontinental champion Greg the Hammer Valentine via pinfall to capture the WLF intercontinental title.
  • Goldust won an xtreme six pack challenge when he pinned Perfect Pyles for the victory to become the number one contender for the X Division championship. Also in the match were Chessman, Rowdy Roddy Piper, X-Pac and Tazz. Paul Heyman and Joey Styles provided the commentary. Raven and Bobby Lashley were in the audience watching the match.
  • Kermit the Frog interviewed the Twin Towers before their title match against the Legion of Doom.
  • The Twin Towers retained their tag team title when they defeated the Legion of Doom when the Big Boss Man pinned Animal. After the match the Moondogs brutally attacked Akeem which was to put him out of action for several weeks with a crushed hand.
  • Mickie James defeated Natalya Belaya in a Last woman standing match to become the number one contender for the women’s title.
  • In an “I quit” match, Barry Windham retained his NWA title when he forced Chris Jericho to say “I quit” after threatening to harm his son Ash.
  • The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase became the WLF Heavy weight champion for a second time when he defeated the champ Jose DeJesus and the Macho Man Randy Savage in a triple threat match when he pinned Jose.  During the match Owen Hart turned up at the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and challenged Jose in the middle of his match. However he was unsuccessful and was pinned by Jose shortly afterwards.
  • Ric Flair won the 30 man over the top battle royale, last eliminating Lord Steven Regal.
1. Ric Flair 16. Sting
2. Lord Steven Regal 17. Matt Morgan
3. Kane 18. Undertaker
4. Mr Perfect 19. Hulk Hogan
5. Sgt Slaughter 20. Christopher Knight
6. Matt Hardy 21. B G James
7. Tully Blanchard 22. Arn Anderson
8. Dangerous Danny B 23. Eddie Kingston
9. Diesel (as Batman) 24. Diamond Dallas Page
10. Brian Pillman 25. Ted Arcidi
11. Honky Tonk Man 26. Brock Lesnar
12. Stone Cold Steve Austin 27. Mr Wonderful
13. Masked Superstar 28. Masa Chono
14. Hakushi 29. C M Punk
15. Jeff Hardy 30. Jake the Snake Roberts
1. Mr Perfect by Kane & Diesel
2. Honky Tonk Man by Diesel
3. Brian Pillman by Steve Austin
4. Steve Austin by Tully Blanchard
5. Masked Superstar by Kane
6. Matt Hardy by Matt Morgan
7. Hakushi by Jeff Hardy
8. Tully Blanchard by Ric Flair
9. Sting by Ric Flair
10. Diesel by the Brothers of Destruction
11. Sgt Slaughter by Matt Morgan
12. Kane by Matt Morgan
13. B G James by Hulk Hogan
14. Eddie Kingston by Ric Flair and Arn Anderson
15. Arn Anderson by Jeff Hardy
16. Diamond Dallas Page by Undertaker
17. Jeff Hardy by Brock Lesnar
18. Mr Wonderful by Matt Morgan
19. Ted Arcidi by Lord Steven Regal
20. Brock Lesnar by Matt Morgan
21. Masa Chono by Christopher Knight
22. Undertaker by Matt Morgan
23. Dangerous Danny B by Jake the Snake Roberts & CM Punk
24. Christopher Knight by Jake the Snake Roberts & CM Punk
25. Matt Morgan by Hulk Hogan
26. Hulk Hogan by Matt Morgan
27. C M Punk by Ric Flair
28. Jake the Snake Roberts by Lord Steven Regal
29. Lord Steven Regal by Ric Flair
Ric Flair won the 30-Man Royal Rumble

WLF Wrestlemania IIEdit

April 22, 2013 at Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA and Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NYEdit

WLFWrestleMania2 zpseb1fac83

  • Wrestlemania II kicked off with Lady Gaga singing 'America the Beautiful'.
  • Yokozuna won an over the top 40 man battle royale to earn himself a full time contract with the WLF, eliminating Wade Barrett last of all.
  • The Dudes with Attitudes won a four corners match to become the number one contenders for the tag team championship when Shawn Michaels pinned Bobby Eaton of the Midnight Express. Also in the match were Corporal Punishment and the Moondogs. Akeem was in the corner of Corporal Punishment.
  • Raven became the new X division champion, when he won a four man Bowry cage match when he pinned champion CM Punk with an assist by Omega (who was not a participant in the match). Also in the match were Steve Austin and Tucker Pyles. Goldust joined Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan in the commentary booth.
  • Lord Steven Regal defeated the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith to capture the vacant Intercontinental championship.
  • Sting and Lex Luger won a four corners match to also become the number one contenders for the tag team championship when Sting pinned Ax of Demolition. Also in the match were the Smoking Gunns and the Hardy Boyz.
  • Damien Sandow defeated Triple H due to a dodgy fast count by the referee, forcing him to retire from the WLF.
  • Bull Nakano won a 16 diva elimination match to capture the WLF woman’s championship, eliminating Mickie James last of all. Champion Booty Girl: Vanessa Dante eliminated herself from the match to rescue her valet AJ Lee. Also in the match: Nasty Girl, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, AJ Lee, Krystal Aos, Kelly Kelly, Lita, Ashley Massaro, Trish Stratus, Poison Ivy and Molly Holly
  • In the tournament final, The Mega Powers defeated Harlem Heat to capture the vacant WLF tag team title when the Macho Man pinned Stevie Ray. Harlem Heat absconded with the belts after the match.
  • Matt Morgan defeated the Undertaker in a buried alive match with the help of a group of other wrestlers.
  • Jose DeJesus won a 6 man “money in the bank” ladder match. Also in the match: BG James, Chris Jericho, Marty Jannetty,  Jake Roberts and Hakushi
  • Ric Flair defeated NWA Champion Barry Windham in a 60 minute iron man match, ending with a submission, to become the new NWA champion.
  • The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase retained his WLF heavyweight championship in a triple threat match against Christopher Knight and Dangerous Danny Bravo when he pinned Knight. During the match, Danny Bravo's ally Golberg doublecrossed him revealing he had been paid off by Ted DiBiase.

WLF World War III (2nd Annual)Edit

June 24, 2013 at the Alamodome, San Antonio, TXEdit

WorldWar2013 zps2e4e671e

  • World War III kicked off with a vignette about the war at the Alamo and then the war about to take place.
  • In their debut match, Moxie defeated Isabelle Bellacourt via pinfall.
  • Josh Arcanum defeated Shawn Michaels in a Texas Bullrope match.
  • A triple threat TLC match for the women’s title ended prematurely when Mickie James stormed the ring, climbed the ladder and took the title. Actual participants were Bull Nakano, Lita and Kelly Kelly. CM Punk, Joey Styles and Paul Heyman provided commentary.
  • Jeff Jarrett became a 2x intercontinental champion when he defeated the champ; Davey Boy Smith in a ladder match. Davey Boy had actually claimed the title first, but the referee was unconscious at the time. When he came to, Jarrett had the title in his hands so was declared the winner.
  • The Moondogs and Richard Lee defeated the Twin Towers and Slick (replacing Judge Dredd who had earlier been taken away by men in white coats)  in a Lethal lockdown cage match when Rex pinned the Big Boss Man.
  • Kurt Angle defeated X Division champion, Chris Jericho via countout, so as a result the title did not change hands. Joey Styles and Paul Heyman provided commentary.
  • Demolition became the new WLF tag team champions when they defeated the Road Warriors in a Texas Tornado match when Smash pinned Animal.
  • Umaga and Jose DeJesus wrestled to a no-contest in a last man standing match.
  • The WLF champion Ted DiBiase successfully defended his title in a Gauntlet Challenge match. The Brothers of Destruction had to first pin Damien Sandow and Jake the Snake Roberts to get a chance at pinning DiBiase and claiming the WLF title.  Sandow and Roberts could only capture the title if they were to pin the last Brother of Destruction remaining in the match.

Order of elimination:

Damien Sandow

Pinned by the Undertaker


Pinned by Ted DiBiase

Jake Roberts

Pinned by the Undertaker


Pinned by DiBiase with an assist by Family Unit

  • The Four Horsemen defeated the New Horsemen in a Texas Street Fight.
  • Poison Ivy defeated Booty Girl; Vanessa Dante in a Buried Alive match.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts won the World War III 60-man battle royale.

1. Raven by Omega
2. Brooklyn Bralwer by Road Warriors/Legion of Doom
3. Perfect Pyles by Hart Foundation
4. Hulk Hogan by himself
5. Macho Man Randy Savage by himself
6. Omega by Lex Luger
7. Vader by Yokozuna
8. Bart Gunn by Smash & Hawk
9. Moondog Rex by Twin Towers, Ric Flair, Lord Steven Regal
10. Moondog Spot by Twin Towers
11. Jeff Jarrett by Davey Boy Smith
12. Marty Janetty by Barry Windham
13. Bad News Brown by Undertaker
14. Kane by Nailz & Waylon Mercy
15. Billy Gunn by Ultimate Warrior
16. Diesel by Curt Hennig, Triple H, Sid Vicious
17. Stan Lane by Jim the Anvil Neidhart
18. Jim the Anvil Neidhart by Bobby Eaton
19. Owen Hart by Kurt Angle
20. Roman Reigns by Ted DiBiase
21. Undertaker by a whole heap of guys
22. Big Boss Man by Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins
23. Ric Flair by Barry Windham
24. Arn Anderson by Chris Jericho
25. Yokozuna by the New Horsemen
26. Demolition Ax by the Road Warriors
27. Brutus the Barber Beefcake by the Road Warriors 
28. Bobby Eaton by Shawn Michaels & Bret Hart
29. Hillbilly Jim by Curt Hennig & Triple H
30. Sid Vicious by Curt Hennig & Triple H
31. Road Warrior Animal by Akeem
32. Akeem by himself
33. Shawn Michaels by Bret the Hitman Hart
34. Goldust

by Josh Arcanum

35. Tully Blanchard by Curt Hennig & Triple H
36. Road Warrior Hawk by Waylon Mercy
37. Demolition Smash by Nailz
38. Barry Windham by Ric Flair (returning to ringside)
39. Lex Luger by Damien Sandow
40. Ultimate Warrior by Waylon Mercy
41. Bret the Hitman Hart by Chris Jericho
42. Sting by CM Punk
43. Triple H by Lord Steven Regal
44. Lord Steven Regal by Curt Hennig
45. Davey Boy Smith by Kurt Angle
46. Nailz by Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose
47. Ted DiBiase by Jose DeJesus
48. Damien Sandow by Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose
49. Josh Arcanum by Christopher Knight
50. Christopher Knight by Curt Hennig
51. Jose DeJesus by Umaga
52. Umaga by himself
53. CM Punk by Chris Jericho
54. Kurt Angle by Curt Hennig
55. Seth Rollins by Jake the Snake Roberts
56. Dean Ambrose by Curt Hennig and Chris Jericho
57. Curt Hennig by Chris Jericho
58. Waylon Mercy by Chris Jericho
59. Chris Jericho by Jake the Snake Roberts
Winner: Jake the Snake Roberts

WLF Summer Slam 2013Edit

August 26, 2013 at Heinz Fields, Pittsburgh, PAEdit

WLFSummerSlam2013 zpsbf5539de

  • Summer Slam kicked off  with the Pittsburg Steelerettes doing a dance routine and an introduction from Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon
  • The Undertaker defeated Big Daddy Cool Diesel via pinfall in a “loser leaves WLF” match forcing Diesel into retirement.
  • Akio won the 12 Nation Battle Royal, eliminating Kurt Angle last of all.
  • In a Jailhouse match, Tucker Pyles defeated Nailz via disqualification, meaning that Aunty Lil was fired from her role as head booker with Pat Patterson taking her place. Aunty Lil, feeling bad about the way she had treated Tucker, aided him in his win, even though it cost her, her job. George the Animal Steele made a surprise appearance to save Aunty Lil from Nailz.  Nailz was then escorted away by the Shield to spend the night in the slammer.
  • Despite serious injuries, Poison Ivy won an 8-woman Money in the Bank match.   Also in the match were Lita, Kelly Kelly, Bloodrayne, Isabelle Bellacourt, Jesse, Trish Stratus and Katja Arcanum.
  • Razor Ramon and Mr Kennedy defeated Pedigree when Razor Ramon (with an assist from Kennedy) pinned Triple H. The match was supposed to be Zeed vs Magnum TA, but Zeed did not show and Pedigree attacked Magnum back stage.  Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.
  • An an unsanctioned falls count anywhere match between Umaga and Jose DeJesus spilt outside into the parking lot.  In the end both men were so badly injured that EMTs had to take them away in an ambulance.
  • A brief scene came up on screen of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A message read, “He’s coming back”.
  • Goldust won a triple threat match to capture the NWA TV title when he pinned Champion Chris Jericho.  Kurt Angle was also in the match. Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura provided commentary.
  • The referee stopped an  unsanctioned Satan’s Hell cage match between Josh Arcanum and Chris Knight when the violence got too far out of hand. Despite this Arcanum proceeded to hang Knight by the neck to the top of the cage.
  • The Hart Foundation became the new WLF Tag team champions when they won a Four Way dance when the Hitman pinned Lex Luger (Luger/Sting).  Also in the match were champions Demolition and the Twin Towers
  • Footage rolled of a car accident near the hospital. The ambulance containing that had contained Umaga and Jose DeJesus is shown on its side.  Umaga and Jose are then seen continuing their match in the middle of the city, a battle which takes them into Wallmart.
  • Mickie James and Bull Nakano wrestled to a draw in a “Do or Die” match. After the match, Poison Ivy, despite injuries, came out to cash in her Money in the Bank and in seconds pinned Bull Nakano to capture the Diva’s championship.
  • MAIN EVENT: In a Six Pack challenge for both the NWA and WLF championship, Barry Windham became a 2x NWA World champion after putting current champion Ric Flair into a claw hold and causing him to pass out. Afterwards Windham walked out content with his prize, leaving the other five men to battle it out for the WLF title.  Jake the Snake Roberts went on to pin Ted DiBiase to capture the WLF title and double cross the Million Dollar Corporation. The match was mired by interferences by the New Horsemen, the Shield, Damien Sandow and the Twin Towers.

WLF Halloween Havoc 2013Edit

October 21, 2013 at O'Keefe Centre, Salem State University, Salem MAEdit

WLFHalloween2013 zps77850fda

  • Halloween Havoc kicked off with Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan talking about the card for the night and giving their opinions.
  • The Undertaker defeated mystery opponent Zeed in a casket match when he  closed the lid on both Zeed and his new manager Paul Bearer
  • Kurt Angle and Perfect Pyles won the special 3 team Olympiad match when Perfect Pyles pinned Owen Hart. Other participants: The British Bulldog, Edge & Christian.
  • Nailz, with an assist from the Great Muta, defeated Crush via pinfall in a no-holds-barred match  to retain his NWA TV title. Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura provided commentary.
  • The Hart Foundation retained their WLF tag team championship in a best out of 3 falls match against Demolition. Both teams had one pin each and the Harts got the third via count out after Mr Fuji came out and interfered in the match. It turned out that Mr Fuji was working on behalf of the Nasty Boys who came out after the match and attacked Demolition.
  • Lita became the new Divas champion when she defeated champion Poison Ivy and Booty Girl; Vanessa Dante in a triple threat match when she pinned Ivy. Trish Stratus made a surprise return to the WLF which aided Lita in making the pinfall.
  • Andre the Giant, Goldberg and the Rock defeated Bad News Brown, Bruiser Brody and Goldust in a 6 man tag team match when the Rock pinned Goldust.  If Goldust’s team had won the WLF X Division would have been reinstated. Brown and Brody did not help the cause by abandoning the match.
  • Josh Arcanum defeated Razor Ramon after the referee stopped the match. A mysterious hooded woman came to ringside to support Acranum during the match.
  • In a three on two handicap match for the NWA championship, Barry Windham retained his title when he, Curt Hennig and Triple H defeated Sid Vicious and Big Daddy Cool Diesel when Flair pinned Sid. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.
  • Jake the Snake Roberts retained his WLF championship in an Elimination Chamber match, despite interference from members of the Million Dollar Corporation. During the match Lord Steven Regal turned on Ric Flair revealing himself to be back in the Million Dollar Corporation.

Order of elimination:

Claudio Castagnoli

Submitted to Sting and Steven Regal


Pinned by Jake Roberts when Chris Hero interfered

Lord Steven Regal

Pinned by Ric Flair

Ted DiBiase

Pinned by Jake the Snake Roberts

Ric Flair

Pinned by Jake the Snake Roberts

WLF Survivor Series (3rd Annual)Edit

December 2, 2013 at O'Keefe Centre, Target Centre, Minniapolis, MNEdit

Survivor2013 zpsa5e41e5a

  • Survivor Series kicked off with the three commentary teams welcoming everyone to the Survivor Series.
  • Wild card 4x4 elimination match: Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jimmy Snuka and Tito Santana defeated Aleks Korzakov, Bad News Brown, Razor Ramon and Doink the Clown with Owen, Bulldog and Tito being the three survivors.

Order of elimination:

Aleks Korzakov

Pinned by British Bulldog

Bad News Brown

Counted out when he walked out

Razor Ramon

Pinned by Jimmy Snuka

Jimmy Superfly Snuka

Pinned by Doink the Clown

Doink the Clown

Pinned by Owen Hart

  • The Rock retained his NWA TV title when he defeated the Great Muta via pinfall.
  • A strange promo came up on the Gekko Tron with a binary message followed by an evil laugh.
  • 5x5 Diva elimination match. Team Dark Poison (Poison Ivy, Paige, Eve, Gina Carano, Trish Stratus)  defeated Team Bootilicious (Vanessa Dante, Belle, Bloodrayne, LSD & Nasty Girl) with Poison Ivy and Paige being the soul survivors.

Order of elimination:


Count out


Abandoned the match

Gina Carano



Pinned by Paige

Nasty Girl

Pinned by Paige

Isabelle Bellacourt

Count out

Trish Stratus

Pinned by Booty Girl

Booty Girl

Pinned by Poison Ivy with help from Stratus

During the match Eve managed to convince the Booty Babes to turn on Vanessa Dante. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.

  • CM Punk defeated Mr Kennedy via pinfall to take out the best of 5 matches 3-2.
  • 5x5 classic elimination match. Team WLF (The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Bill Goldberg, Tucker Pyles & Masked Superstar) defeated Xtreme Coalition (Christopher Knight, Eddie Gilbert, Zeed, Danny Bravo & Andrew Darner) with Perfect Pyles and the Masked Superstar as the sole survivors.

Order of elimination:

Andrew Darner

Pinned by Goldberg


Pinned by Dangerous Danny Bravo

Dangerous Danny Bravo

Counted out

Zeed & Undertaker

Counted out

Eddie Gilbert

Pinned by Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Pinned by Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight

Pinned by Perfect Pyles

  • Lita retained her WLF diva’s title when she defeated Jesse and Torrie Wilson in a triple threat match after pinning Jesse. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.
  • 5x5 tag team elimination match. Tacticians & Technicians (Hart Foundation, Edge & Christian, Family Unit, Pedigree & Kings of Wrestling) defeated Bruisers & Brawlers (Demolition, Moondogs, Twin Towers, Nasty Boys & Skyscrapers) with the Kings of Wrestling and Pedigree being the sole survivors.

Order of elimination:

Family Unit

By Sid Vicious


By Triple H



Edge & Christian

By Claudio Castagnoli


By Bret the Hitman Hart

Nasty Boys

Abandoned the match

Hart Foundation

By Akeem

Twin Towers

By Triple H

This was to be the Twin Towers final match in the WLF due to a contract stipulation that said if they are fired from the Million Dollar Corporation then they are fired from the WLF.

  • Barry Windham lost his WCW world heavy weight championship belt when he submitted in an “I Quit” match against Sting and Dean Melinko. However because both opponents had a submission hold on Windham when he quit, it was unknown as to who the new WCW champion was. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary
  • The Million Dollar Corporation (Ted DiBiase, Andre The Giant, Damien Sandow & Lord Steven Regal) defeated the Four Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard & Hulk Hogan) in a War Games match when Arn Anderson threw in the towel.
  • Hell in the Cell: Josh Arcanum became the new WLF champion when he defeated champion Jake the Snake Roberts and Bruiser Brodie after he pinned Brodie.

WLF Royal Rumble (3rd Annual)Edit

February 17, 2014 at Madison Square Garden, New York City, NYEdit

WLFRoyalRumble2014 zps1b937070
  • The Royal Rumble kicked off with a duet from Alicia Keys and Jay-Z
  • The first match was special 15 man battle royale involving wrestlers from New York.  Mick Foley won the match when he threw out Tazz and Bubba Ray Dudley. His victory was interrupted when the three members of Legacy came out and beat him up.
  • The Nasty Boys defeated the Rock N Roll Express and the Time Splitters when Sags pinned Ricky Morton.
  • Daniel Bryan defeated Ricky the Dragon Steamboat via pinfall.
  • Booty Girl, Vanessa Dante defeated Belle via pinfall in a car park brawl with Nasty Girl as the guest referee. At the end of the match, Bull Nakano entered the carpark and blindsided Booty Girl, sending a message to all WLF divas that she was back. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.
  • Legacy members; Curtis Axel and Cody Rhodes  became the new Tag team champions when they defeated the Hart Foundation and champions; Demolition when Cody pinned Bret with an assist from Axel.  Both the Nasty Boys and Owen Hart/British Bulldog interfered in the match.
  • Paige retained the WLF diva’s title in a Fatal 4 way match against Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Poison Ivy after Curtis Axel and Cody Rhodes assaulted Poison Ivy, thus leading to her pinfall. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.
  • Lord Steven Regal became the new NWA TV champion when he forced the Rock to submit. In the same match Intercontinental champion Damien Sandow pinned the Rock a second time to successfully retain his title. Also in the match was the Pharaoh, the reigning TV champion at the time of the match.
  • The Big Boss Man defeated the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, thus resulting in Christopher Walkin becoming  the new WLF president for a month.  Akeem, Andre the Giant and the WLF president Gordon Gekko were at ringside for the match.
  • Sting won a Bunkhouse stampede Steel cage match involving 10 NWA superstars to become the new NWA champion. His opponents were Dusty Rhodes (making his official debut), Hawk, Animal, Eddie Gilbert, Masked Superstar, Magnum TA, Steve Williams, Scott Norton and Triple H. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary
  • Bruiser Brody became WLF champion when he defeated Jake the Snake Roberts and champion Josh Arcanum in a Hell in the Cell match. During most of the match Arcanum was locked out after Jake chained the door of the steel cage shut. Josh got back in after causing a panel to crash through the roof of the cage.
  • MAIN EVENT: Royal Rumble Match. The Macho Man Randy Savage and Dolph Zigglar were declared joint winners when they eliminated each other and hit the floor at the same time.


1.  Christian

By Brian Pillman

2. British Bulldog

By Dolph Zigglar

3. King Kong Bundy

By a whole group of guys

4. Nailz

By Andre the Giant

5. Christopher Knight

By Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino

6. Waylon Mercy

By Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino

7. Claudio Castagnoli

by Chris Hero

8. Chis Hero

By Mr Kennedy

9. Jeff Jarrett

By CM Punk

10. Yokozuna

By Andre the Giant

11. Jimmy Jacobs

By Randy Savage

12. Bam Bam Bigelow

By Randy Savage

13. Ravishing Rick Rude

By Hulk Hogan

14. Edge

By Bad News Brown & Great Muta

15. Owen Hart

By Bret Hart from the outside

16. The Great Muta

By Gangrel

17. Andre the Giant

By Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

18. Hulk Hogan

By Randy Savage

19. Bad News Brown

By Brian Pillman

20. Brian Pillman

By Bad News Brown

21 Randy Orton

Pulled out by Hulk Hogan

22. CM Punk

By Mr Kennedy

23. Kevin Steen

By Dolph Zigglar

24. Gangrel

By the Undertaker

25. Raven

By the Undertaker

26. Mr Kennedy

By Randy Savage

27. Steve Corino

By Randy Savage and Undertaker


By Randy Savage

29. Both Zigglar and Macho Man Randy Savage eliminated each other

Randy Savage and Dolph Zigglar

The joint winners

WLF Wrestlemania IIIEdit

April 21, 2014 at A T & T Center, San Antonio, TXEdit

WrestleMania3 zpsea3b761c

  • In a dark match  billed the “Super European Showdown”, Antonio Cesaro defeated James Bond via pinfall. Lord Alfred Hayes, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Heyman provided commentary.

Official Card:

  • We open with the WLF Intro, Kelly Clarkson sings "America The Beautiful"
  • Bam Bam Bigelow and Andre the Giant defeated the Family Unit after Bigelow pinned Nailz, with an assist from the returning Shield.

  • The Great Muta successfully defended his NWA TV Title after defeating Rick Rude and Pharaoh. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.
  • A mysterious promo aired with an Irish man in a hood. He removed his hood to reveal a pink, black and white painted body, looking a little like a skeleton. He claimed to be “already dead”.
  • Isabelle "Belle" Bellacourt and Maxine "Moxie" Minerva Martin won a battle royal to be determined the first ever Divas Tag Team Champions. Also in the match was the returning Mickie James. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.
  • Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Orton in a career ending match via pinfall after special guest referee; Curt Hennig interfered.

  • Damien Sandow won a Tables ladders and chairs match to capture the WLF Intercontinental championship for a second time after pinning Edge after the returning Jeff Jarrett (back with the Million Dollar Corporation) hit him over the head with a guitar.  Also in the match were Christian Cage (the current champ) and Lord Steven Regal.

  • Poison Ivy defeated diva’s champion Paige in a steel cage match to once again become WLF Diva’s champion. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.

  • NJPW-WLF Grand Prix Tournament finals/WLF –Tag Team Championship. The Hart Foundation defeated Legacy and the Pillars of Power when the Hitman pinned Scott Norton, to become the Grand Prix tournament winners and 2x Tag team champions. After the match Curt Hennig came out to confront his son and did a Perfect Plex on him.

  • Josh Arcanum defeated the Undertaker in a Casket match thanks to interference by the Family Unit and the Grand Experiment.

  • Christopher Knight won a MITB match, defeating Jake The Snake Roberts, Gangrel, Ricky Steamboat, Doink, Adam Rose, Shawn Michaels, and Ken Keneddy. In addition, Maestro Punk's Violent Impact made an interference in match.
  • Jose DeJesus defeated NWA champion Sting to become the new NWA world heavyweight champ. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.
  • MAIN EVENT: WLF Heavyweight championship – Triple Threat Match.   The Macho King Randy Savage became a 2x WLF champion when he defeated champion Bruiser Brody and Dolf Ziggler, after pinning Ziggler.

WLF World War III (3rd Annual)Edit

June 23, 2014 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZEdit

WLFWW32014 zps459ad284

  • World War III kicked off with a number one contenders match for the diva’s tag team championship. Isabelle Bellacourt and Nasty Girl defeated Ayako Hamada and Tiger Dream after Nasty Girl pinned Tiger Dream. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.

  • The Pharaoh successfully defended his NWA TV title when he defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall.
  • The Pillars of Power successfully defended their Tag team title in a triple threat match against the Nasty Boys and the Bushwhackers after Scott Norton pinned Brian Knobb. During the match the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers came to ringside along with Jimmy Hart, waving American flags. Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura provided commentary.
  • Shawn Michaels became the new WLF Intercontinental champion when he defeated Damien Sandow in a ladder match. Both Lord Steven Regal and Triple H interfered in the match.
  • In a match to determine who was going to control the diva’s tag team title, Trish Stratus defeated Mickie James via pinfall, thus allowing her to chose her own tag team partner to reign with her. Re nee Young and Sunny provided commentary.
  • A lumberjack match between Jose DeJesus and Chris Knight turned into a brawl when the lumber jacks (three members of the 4 Horsemen) got involved. Jim Ross and Jesse Ventura provided commentary.
  • The Macho King Randy Savage successfully retained his WLF championship after pinning Hulk Hogan with an assist from the Genius who held Hogan’s leg down during the count.
  • FATAL FOUR WAY ELMIINATION MATCH FOR OWNERSHIP OF THE WLF: Four bosses represented by four wrestlers. Vader won the match, thus making actor Robert DeNiro the new owner of the WLF. Order of elimination:

Dude Love/Al Pacino


Jake Roberts/Chris Walken

Abandoned the match

Undertaker/Gordon Gekko


  • Poison Ivy retained her diva’s title in a Best of Three falls match against Paige 2-1. Her only loss was due to a disqualification. Her first win was via submission. 2nd via pinfall.  Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.
  • MAIN EVENT: Barry Windham won the  World War III 60 man battle royale. (eliminating last year's winner Jake Roberts last)


1. Alexander Rusev

By Ultimate Warrior

2. Davy Cockett (Damien Sandow)

By Ultimate Warrior

3. Waylon Mercy

By Zeus

4. Goldust

By Cesaro

5. Bushwhacker Butch

By Jake the Snake Roberts

6. Bushwhacker Luke

Eliminated himself

7. Deathwish Ninja

By Undertaker

8. Prince Devitt

By Andre the Giant

9. Dolph Ziggler

By Andre the Giant

10. Nailz

By Shawn Michaels

11. Papa Shango

By Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow

12. Zeus

By Hunico

13. Brian Knobbs

By Wade Barrett

14. Jerry Saggs

By Shaemus

15. Mr Fredrick

By Jeff Jarrett and Rick Rude

16. Bruiser Brody

By Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow

17. Bad News Brown

By Jeff Jarrett

18. Doink the Clown

By Andre the Giant

19. Arn Anderson

By Curt Hennig and Paul Orndorff

20. Tully Blanchard

By Curt Hennig and Paul Orndorff

21. Christian

By Curt Hennig

22. Triple H

By Vader

23. Dean Ambrose

By Shaemus

24. Eddie Gilbert

By Ultimate Warrior

25. Cactus Jack

By Andre the Giant

Damien Sandow returns to the ring as himself but is eliminated by a returning Cactus Jack as Mankind, eliminating himself in the process.

26. Edge

By Jake the Snake Roberts

27. Masked Superstar

By Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

28. Ricky the Dragon Steamboat

By Ken Kennedy

29. Seth Rollins

By Bam Bam Bigelow

30. Scott Norton

By Curt Hennig and Paul Orndorff

31. Ken Patera

By Warrior and Roman Reigns

32. Ravishing Rick Rude

By Warrior and Roman Reigns

33. Sgt Slaughter

By the Real Mexicans

34. Shawn Michaels

By Lord Steven Regal

35. Dr Death Steve Williams

By Shaemus

36. Bam Bam Bigelow

By Big John Studd

37. Chris Jericho

By Curt Hennig

38. Big John Studd

By Vader

39. CM Punk

By Ken Kennedy

40. Steam Diesel Black

By Andre the Giant

41. Roman Reigns

By Andre the Giant

42. Hunico

By Andre the Giant

43. Chessman

By Andre the Giant

44. Undertaker

By Andre and Vader

45. Jeff Jarrett

By Vader

46. Curt Hennig

By Ultimate Warrior

47. Paul Orndorff

By Ultimate Warrior

48. Pharaoh

By Gangrel

49. Gangrel

By the Rock

50. The Rock

By Shaemus and Wade Barrett

51. Shaemus

By Andre the Giant

52. Wade Barrett

By Andre the Giant

53. Lord Steven Regal

By Andre the Giant

54. Ken Kennedy

By Cesaro

55. Andre the Giant

By Ultimate Warrior

56. Ultimate Warrior

By Andre the Giant from outside.

57. Vader

By Cesaro

58. Cesaro

By Dude Love (not in the match)

59. Jake the Snake Roberts

By Barry Windham


Barry Windham

Summer Slam 2014Edit

August 25, 2014 at Richmond Coliseum, Richmond VAEdit

SummerSlam2014 zps996e9a22

  • Summer Slam kicked off with Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon discussing the night’s card.
  • Gangrel won the first King of the Ring semi-final match against Big Van Vader via pinfall after spitting a red bloodlike substance into his face. During the match the druids came out and kidnapped Jim Cornette in a casket.
  • Paul Orndorf and Mr Perfect became the new WLF tag team champions after winning a Four way elimination match. During the match the EWO came out and brutally assaulted the Bushwhackers and dragged them from ringside. Booty Girl Vanessa Dante, who was in the front row of the audience watching, abandoned her seat to go out back to make sure the Bushwhackers were ok. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary. 

Order of elimination:  


Left the match after an attack by the EWO.

Real Mexicans

Hunico pinned by Curt Hennig

Pillars of Power (champions)

Dr Death pinned by Paul Orndorff

  • Cesaro won the second King of the Ring semi-final match against Ken Kennedy  via pinfall.
  • LSD became the new diva’s champion after winning a 20 minute championship scramble against Poison Ivy (champion), Paige and Bull Nakano. An angry Booty Girl Vanessa Dante came out and attacked Poison Ivy which allowed LSD to get the final pinfall on her. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.
  • The Pharaoh successfully defended the WLF Inter-continental title and the NWA TV title when he defeated Edge  in a ladder match. It was Christian Cage who cost Edge the match by coming out and attacked Edge.
  • The Ultimate Warrior won a 10x10 elimination match, thus forcing the Million Dollar Corporation to disband. Participants: WLF President Ted DiBiase, Andre the Giant, Ravishing Rick Rude, Damien Sandow, Lord Steven Regal, Josh Arcanum, Big John Studd, Ken Patera, Sgt Slaughter, Masked Superstar vs Death Wish Ninja, Steam Diesel Black, Mr Fredrick, Bam Bam Bigelow, Cactus Jack, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, CM Punk, Ultimate Warrior.

Order of elimination:  

Cactus Jack


Ravishing Rick Rude

Pinned by Roman Reigns

Ted DiBiase

Pinned by Roman Reigns

Andre the Giant


Dean Ambrose


Masked Superstar

Pinned by CM Punk

Steam Diesel Black

Pinned by John Arcanum

Josh Arcanum

Counted out (abandoned the match)

Ken Patera, Sgt Slaughter, Big John Studd, Deathwish Ninja, Mr Fredrick, Bam Bam Bigelow

All disqualified at once

Roman Reigns

Pinned by Damien Sandow (feet on ropes)

Seth Rollins

Pinned by Damien Sandow

CM Punk

Pinned by Damien Sandow

Lord Steven Regal

Abandoned match, forsaking the Corporation

Damien Sandow

Pinned by Ultimate Warrior

  • Deadmans challenge – Hell in the Cell. Jake the Snake Roberts turned out to be the leader of the druids who attacked the Undertaker the previous week on Prime Time. He declared that he was starting a new ministry in the WLF. The match between Undertaker and him ended with no result when the druids once again attacked the Undertaker and tied him to a cross in the middle of the ring.
  • Barry Windham won the Elimination Chamber match for the NWA heavyweight championship, becoming a 3x NWA champion. Brock Lesnar attacked Steamboat before the match and replaced him for the match. (Other participants: Jose DeJesus (c), Christopher Knight, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe) Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.

Order of events:

Barry Windham and Jose DeJesus started out

Christopher Knight entered third.

Kevin Nash entered forth.

Brock Lesnar entered fifth

Samoa Joe entered last.

NWA chief, Nick Bockwinkel came out and ordered Brock Lesnar out of the ring.

Kevin Nash pinned by Christopher Knight.

Christopher Knight is pinned by Barry Windham

Samoa Joe pinned by Barry Windham

Jose DeJesus pinned by Barry Windham.

Winner and new champion: Barry Windham

  • MAIN EVENT – 3 STAGES OF HELL. Brian Pillman became the new WLF heavyweight champion when he defeated the Macho King Randy Savage in the best of 3 falls match.

First fall: Dog Collar match won by Pillman

Second Fall: Falls count anywhere won by Savage

Third fall: Standard match won by Pillman

Survivor Series - (4th Annual)Edit

November 17, 2014 - Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford NJ

Survivor2014 zps04d4937f

- In a wild card draw, Ted DiBiase and Andre the Giant won a 10 man elimination match.

Team 1: Ted DiBiase, Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Pharaoh, Mr Kennedy

Team 2: Dude Love, Edge, Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, The Rock

Order of elimination:

Big John Studd Pinned by Hulk Hogan

Dude Love Pinned by Mr Kennedy

Mr Kennedy Pinned by Edge

Edge Pinned by the Rock (plus outside interference by CM Punk)

Ricky Steamboat Pinned by the Pharaoh

Pharaoh Pinned by the Rock

The Rock Pinned by Andre the Giant

Hulk Hogan Pinned by Andre the Giant

- William Regal defeated Damien Sandow in a Tuxedo – Loser leaves WLF match. Damien Sandow was forced to leave the WLF.

- In a Diva’s elimination match, Page was the soul survivor after pinning Bull Nakano.

Anti – Divas: Paige, Isabelle Bellacourt, Nasty Girl, Tiger Dream & Ayako Hamada

Amazons: Lilith Stanford Daniels, Lita, Bull Nakano, Torrie Wilson & Victoria

Order of Elimination:

LSD Pinned by Paige

Lita Pinned by Tiger Dream

Belle Pinned by Bull Nakano

Nasty Girl Pinned by Bull Nakano

Victoria, Torrie, Tiger & Ayako disqualified for brawling.

Bull Nakano Pinned by Paige.

- Steam Diesel Black defeated Josh Arcanum in a casket match.

- Jake the Snake Roberts & Gangrel were the soul survivors in an 8 man elimination match.

Ministry: Jake Roberts, Gangrel, The Warlord & The Barbarian

EWO: DeathWish Ninja, Mr Fredrick, Chessman & Bam Bam Bigelow

Order of elimination:

Death Wish Ninja pinned by Jake Roberts

Chessman Counted out

Mr Fredricks betrayed his own team showing himself to now be a member of the Ministry.

Warlord Pinned by Bam Bam Bigelow

Barbarian Pinned by Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam Bigelow Pinned by Jake the Snake Roberts

- Booty Girl Vanessa Dante defeated Poison Ivy in their second Buried Alive match, which was held in a real graveyard.

- War Games:

Sword & Shield: Kevin Nash, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

Four Horsemen: Barry Windham, Curt Hennig, Paul Orndorff & Triple H

Match was won by Roman Reigns after he pinned Barry Windham, thus becoming the new NWA champion.


The Macho Man Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior were the soul survivors in a ten man elimination match.

Mega Maniacs: Macho King, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper, Bushwhacker Luke & Butch

Kings of Wrestling: Cesaro, Brock Lesnar, Rick Rude, Scott Norton & Steve Williams

Order of Elimination:

Brock Lesnar Pinned by Randy Savage

Bushwhacker Butch Pinned by Rick Rude

Bushwhacker Luke Pinned by Dr Death

Cesaro and Roddy Piper counted out

Rick Rude Pinned by Ultimate Warrior

Scott Norton Pinned by Randy Savage

Dr Death Pinned by Ultimate Warrior

Royal Rumble - (4th Annual)Edit

February 23, 2015 - The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA

RoyalRumble2015 zps79552183

-Jaster Hades and Dominic Shadow defeated the Rock N Sock Connection after Shadow pinned Mankind.

-In a WLF Intercontinental and NWA TV title Unification Match, TV champion: Christopher Knight defeated Intercontinental champion: Edge to become the new WLF Intercontinental Champion.

-Mickie James won a Three Way Dance to determine the new number one contender for the Diva’s title after she pinned Kelly Kelly. Also in the match was Bull Nakano. Bloodrayne was supposed to be in the match but Kelly Kelly ambushed her and took her place. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.

-The Fabulous Rogeau Brothers became the new WLF tag team champions after winning a 6 man tag team match (along with manager Jimmy Hart) against the champions Powers of Pain and manager Mr Fuji.

-Ella Black Harte became the 2nd number one contender for the WLF Diva’s title after defeating Nasty Girl and Torrie Wilson in a Three Way Dance after she pinned Nasty Girl. Diva’s champion Paige interfered in the match. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary. At the end of the match Poison Ivy reappeared for the first time after being buried alive by Vanessa Dante at Survivor Series.

-The Undertaker won a gauntlet match after defeating all four members of the Four Horsemen in turn. The stipulation was that if he won the match the Horsemen would have to disband. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.

-In a unification match for the WLF and NWA heavyweight champions, current NWA Champion Jake Roberts won an Elimination Chamber match to capture the unified championship. The match contained only former NWA and WLF heavyweight champions: Macho Man Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Roman Reigns, Ultimate Warrior (current WLF champ) and the returning Jose DeJesus. DeJesus shocked the fans when the Bullet Club interfered in the match causing Savage’s elimination and it turned out DeJesus was now part of the club.

Order of Elimination:

1 – Ultimate Warrior – pinned by Roman Reigns

2 – Ted Dibiase - pinned by Roman Reigns

3 – Randy Savage pinned by Jose De Jesus after interference from the Bullet Club

4 – Roman Reigns pinned by Jose De Jesus

5 – Jose De Jesus pinned by Jake the Snake Roberts with an assist from the Macho Man.

New unified champion: Jake the Snake Roberts.


Won by the Pharaoh after eliminating Andre the Giant.

Order of elimination:

1. Dean Ambrose by Rowdy Roddy Piper

2. Jacques Rougeau by Warlord

3. Jaster Hades by Dean Ambrose

4. Warlord by the Young Bucks

5. Nick Jackson by MVP

6. Bushwhacker Butch by Pharaoh

7. Bushwhacker Luke by Pharaoh

8. Raymond Rougeau by Dominic Shadow

9. Matt Jackson by CM Punk

10. Ravishing Rick Rude by Pharaoh

11. Seth Rollins by Cesaro

12. Edge by Hulk Hogan

13. Christopher Knight by Hulk Hogan

14. Ricky Steamboat by Pharaoh

15. Eddie Gilbert by Undertaker

16. MVP by Kingpin

17. Barbarian by Andre the Giant

18. Kingpin by Andre the Giant

19. Undertaker by Dominic Shadow

20. Dominic Sandow by Mick Foley & Rock

21. Mick Foley by Pharaoh

22. Samoa Joe by Roddy Piper

23. Roddy Piper eliminates himself in the process (longest survivor having come in at 2.

24. Rock by Andre the Giant

25. CM Punk by A J Styles

26. A J Styles by Randy Savage who was not in the match.

27. Hulk Hogan by Andre the Giant

28. Cesaro by Andre the Giant

29. Andre the Giant by Pharaoh


WrestleMania IVEdit

May 4 2015 - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim CA

WM4a zpsakwzg1el
WM4b zpswxbcz3wp

-Dark Match: A 40 man battle royal including past Wrestlemanias was won by Shawn Michaels after eliminating Sting. (Roddy Piper and Tony Shiavone provided commentary)

-Wrestlemania official kicked off with a welcome from Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse the Body Ventura and guest commentator Jim Ross. Many celebrities were spotted in the crowds including Drew Barrymore, Keven Costner, Oscar De la Hoya, Ken Shamrock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Venus and Serena William, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and politician Eric Garceti. Guns N Roses sung the opening national anthem.

- The Ultimate Warrior and the Undertaker defeated Jaster Hades and Dominic Shadow by disqualification after Michael Reaver interfered.

- A TLC tag team title championship match took place between the champions the Vaudevillians, the Bushwhackers, The Shield and the Young Bucks. The match ended in controversy when both the Villains and the Bushwhackers were declared joint winners after grabbing one belt each. After the match the Young Bucks stole the belts and ran away.

- Samoa Joe became the new Intercontinental champion after forcing Chris Knight to give up after threating to harm Trish Stratus.

- The Women’s championship fatal 4 way match with champion Pagie, Nasty Girl, Mickie James and Sasha Banks ended in a no contest after a group of divas stormed the ring and attacked them all. The group was led by Armando Estrada and he called them KHAN. The team is made up of Kharma, Havok, Alpha Female and Bull Nakano. (Sunny, Renee Young and Sensational Sherri provided commentary)

- The Mega Bucks won a gauntlet match where they had to compete against a series of tag teams. They had to go through 5 teams to win the match: 1) John Cena/Fatu, 2) Val Venis/Godfather, 3) The Godwins, 4) Colossal Kongs, 5) Brooklyn Brawler/Barry Horriwitz/Iron Mike Sharpe

- Ella Black Harte defeated Poison Ivy in a Hell in the Cell match via pinfal thanks to interference by Dominic Shadow. The Undertaker suddenly emerged from a hole in the ring and attacked Shadow, tombstoning him. (Sunny, Renee Young and Sensational Sherri provided commentary)

- The Black Scorpion won a ten man Money in the bank match. Others in the match: CM Punk, AJ Styles, Ricky Steamboat, Antonio Banks, Steam Diesel Black, Michael Reaver, Edge, Christian, Antonio Cesaro

- In a triple threat match, the referee stopped the match after Ric Flair and Barry Windham brutally attacked their opponent the Macho Man Randy Savage, intend on doing him serious harm. Ric Flair’s alignment with Windham showed the world that the Four Horsemen were back together.

-MAIN EVENT: FATAL FOUR WAY - The Pharaoh became the new WLF champion after pinning Roman Reigns to become the new champion. Also in the match: Jake the Snake Roberts (c) and Jose DeJesus. (Big Boss Man and Owen Hart interfered during the match)

World War III (Fourth Annual) Edit

July 6 2015, The Sky Dome, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

WW3 2015 zpsgq9wvfuf
Jake the Snake Roberts won a first blood match against WLF president Antonio Banks.

The Mega Bucks won a 4 way dance to capture the WLF tag team champions. They defeated the Vaudevillains/Bushwhackers (joint champions) and newcomers Cryme Tyme.

Poison Ivy defeated Bull Nakano in a Hell in the Cell match. (Sunny & Renee Young provided commentary)

Black Scorpion successfully defended his money in the bank against Stunning Steve Austin when he got himself disqualified. Many other men somehow managed to become part of this confusing match including RVD, Cesaro a bunch of different imposter Black Scorpions and finally Sting who came down from the rafters

Danny Bravo captured the vacant Intercontinental champion when in a fatal 4 way match, he defeated Christopher Knight, Bret the Hitman Hart and Shawn Michaels.

KHAN won a Menage-A-Trois Total elimination match which pitted KHAN (Kharma, Havok, Alpha) vs Beautiful People (Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Nasty Girl) vs VIP (Maryse, Akira Hokuto Sasha Banks). It was won after Havok pinned Velvet Sky.

Bret the Hitman Hart won the World War III battle royale for the second time after last eliminating Shawn Michaels.

MAIN EVENT: WLF CHAMPIONSHIP. Ric Flair (with Barry Windham in his corner) defeated champion Pharaoh (with Rowdy Roddy Piper in his corner) to become the new WLF champion.