Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels, AKA The Heartbreak Kid, is a WLF superstar who has wrestled as a solo wrestler and in tag team competition.

He is a former WLF Intercontinental champion.

He was one of the first men signed to the WLF and tag teamed with Marty Janetty as the Rockers

Later he teamed with Big Daddy Cool Diesel as "The Dudes with Atitudes.

He then tag teamed with with Triple H as Degeneration X

He was forced out of the WLF in August 2014 due to injuries but returned in June 2015.

WLF CareerEdit

Michaels made his first appearance on the very first Prime Time on 23 May 2011. he joined the commentary team during the fatal 4 way match between Strongman Mike, Kerry Von Erich, Bryan Davidson and Triple H. He made immediate enemies with Bryan Davidson after the match when they both attempted to score the attention of WLF presidental aide Stacey Keibler.

On 30 May 2011, Micheals teamed up with partner Marty Janetty as the Rockers to take on Davidson and Ted Arcidi. They were unsuccessful at defeating their foes. Michaels and Marty continued to wrestle as a tag team until....{to be updated} 

Michaels was fired from the WLF in early 2014 for simply being an arrogant asshole to everyone, however temporary WLF president Chris Walken seemed to take that as a positive attribute and rehired Michaels in April 2014 and even entered him into the Wrestlemania III Money in the Bank match as a mystery participant.

Days later he and Triple H formed Degeneration X.

On 23 June 2014 at World War III he defeated champion, Damien Sandow in a Ladder match to become Intercontinental champion.

On 11 Aug 2014, on the 100th episode of RAW, he was to compete against the Pharoah (NWA TV champion) in a title for title match, however he was attacked before the match by men in black cloacks. In a shock decision, the Pharaoh was rewarded the Intercontinental championship by forfeit. He was forced out of the WLF due to the injuries sustained at the hands of his attakers.

At WrestleMania IV he made a guest appearance in a dark match: a 40 man battle royal, which he ended up winning. On 26 May 2015, he returned on Prime Time, announcing his intention to compete in the upcoming World War III pay per view.

Notable FeudsEdit

Bryan Davidson

RP'd by:Edit

2011-2013: Warrior82

2014 April - Aug: Outsider111

2015: Kevin7ee