Manager - Genius

The Genius is a manager in the WLF.

WLF CareerEdit

The Genius first appeared at Haloween Havoc 2011, in a vignette, reading a poem that Rowdy Roddy Piper had composed. He and Piper were on a golf course. The vignette ended with Piper beating up the Genius. On 21st Nov he appeared in another Piper vignette, this time playing a chess game against the rowdy Scott. Once again Piper beat him up.

The Genius made no further appearances in the WLF until 2013 when he returned temporarily as the manager of Mr Perfect.

On 10 March 2014 he came to ringside to support is brother Randy Savage in a match against Dolf Ziggler. He then officially became Savage's manager.

He departed the WLF in Mid 2015 after his brother was injured at the hands of the Four Horsemen

Current ClientsEdit


Former ClientsEdit

Macho King Randy Savage

Mr Perfect