Brodie and Hanson are an American Tag team who were contracted to the WLF. They were managed by Jim Cornette.

They are former WLF Tag team champions and left the WLF after losing the title to APA on 19 Sept 2011.

WLF CareerEdit

They first appeared on Prime Time on 8 August 2011, beating up newcomer Shawn Quinn to send a message to WLF president Gordon Gekko that they should be in the Summer Slam tag team championship match.

At Summer Slam they went on to win the previously vacated tag team title after winning a Four Way Elimination match against the Masked Russians, the British Bulldogs and the New Age Outlaws.

They lost the title to APA on 19 Sept 2011 and only ever made one other appearance in a tag team battle royal in Oct.

Notable FeudsEdit