AJ Styles is an American pro-wrestler who is contracted to the WLF.

He has also tag teamed with Major Tom as the Wing Commanders

He is now a member of the Bullet Club

WLF CareerEdit

AJ made his debut appearance on 5th March 2012 as a mystery tag team partner for Major Tom. He and Tom went on to defeat the Pharoah and King Haku.

At Wrestemania in April 2012, AJ  began tag teaming with Major Tom as the Wing Commanders

Not long after that he departed from the WLF. He was not seen again until 26 Jan 2015 when he, along with two other masked men assaulted the Macho Man Randy Savage on Prime Time, costing Savage the WLF title. He and fellow Bullet Club Members the Young Bucks ended up in a match the following week against Randy Savage, Samoa Joe and Rowdy Roddy Piper, winning the match after Samoa Joe betrayed his partners, revealing himself to be a member of the Bullet Club.

Notable FeudsEdit

The Pharoah

RPd by:Edit

2012: Major Tom

2015: HoHo